Numark - DM1820X

This equipment features all new circuitry and the latest in manufacturing and design technology to give you greater quality and better reliability than ever before. The DM 1820X Preamp Mixer has been designed by DJs for DJs. It gives you all of the controls and features you need in a professional piece of equipment to show off the best of your skills.


  • User replaceable assignable ALPs™ crossfader
  • Bass, Mid,Treble,and Gain controls on every input channel
  • Left<->Right Pan control on each channel and the DJ Mic
  • Bass, Mid & Treble "KILL" switches for special effects and creative mixing
  • Neutrik™ "Combo" connector allows 1/4" or XLR plug to be used for DJ Mic
  • 8 line inputs
  • Three phono inputs switchable to line level
  • Processor Loop circuit for easily hooking up external effects
  • Pushbutton Cueing with PFL (pre-fader listen) on each channel
  • Headphone monitoring with PFL/Program cross-fader
  • Master and 2 Zone outputs
  • Stereo/Mono switch on the Master and Zones
  • Balanced Outputs
  • Tape Out for direct recording
  • Powerful stereo headphone output
  • High-end performance audio signal
  • 12V BNC light connector


  • Inputs:
    • Line:10k input impedance 100 mV rms sensitivity (for 1.22 V output)
    • Mic: 10k input impedance balanced/unbalanced 3 mV rms sensitivity (for 1.22 V output)50 mV rms max input
    • Phono: 47k input impedance 1.5 mV rms sensitivity @ 1 KHz (for 1.22 V output
  • Outputs:
    • Line: 9V rms max (+20 dBm) Headphone Amp: 5 watt into 47 Distortion less than .01%
  • Signal to noise ratios (vs. maximum output):
    • Line: Better than 82 dB
    • Mic: Better than 75 dB
    • Phono: Better than 75 dB
  • Frequency response:
    • Mic: 20 Hz- 15k Hz + _ .5 dB
    • Line: 20 Hz- 20k Hz + _ .5 dB
    • Phono: + _ 1 dB except for controlled attenuation of -3 dB @ 20 Hz to reduce rumble and feedback
  • Channel EQ:
    • Bass: ±15db @80Hz
    • Middle: ±10db @1KHz
    • Treble: ±15db @12.5KHz
  • Kill effects:
    • Bass: -54dB at 50 Hz, -3dB at 400 Hz
    • Middle: -44dB at 1k Hz, -3dB at 200Hz
    • Treble: -53dB at 15k Hz, -3dB at 2k Hz
  • Power consumption: 20 Watt typical, 28 watt with full headphone output
  • Talkover attenuation: Variable from no cut to -16 dB

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